Life is a beautiful gift of God. If there is anyone who truly believed in it, it was Saint Gianna Beretta Molla. A pediatrician, a working mom, a loyal wife, she served so many roles with a smile on her face. Even when she had to choose between her and her unborn child, she chose the latter, she chose pro-life.

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Who was Gianna Beretta Molla and why is she worshipped as a Catholic Saint? Let’s find out more about her here.

Saint Gianna Beretta Molla: Birth & early life

Gianna Beretta was born in the year 1922 in Lombardy, Italy to parents who were members of the Third Order of Saint Francis. As a child, she was an active participant in parish life. Archbishop Mario Righetti inspired her spiritual journey in Genoa. She studied medicine in Milan and received her diploma certificate in 1949. She opened her clinic and specialized in pediatrics. She wanted to join her brother who was a priest in the Brazilian missions and offer gynecological services to the poor. But she suffered from chronic conditions that made it impossible to join her brother. So, she continued her practice while specializing in pediatrics.

Saint Gianna Beretta Molla: Marriage, motherhood & death

She married Pietro Molla, an engineer, in 1955 at the Basilica di San Martino in Magenta. She had four children until her death. It was during her fourth pregnancy that she developed a fibroma on her uterus. She was given three choices, to opt for an abortion, to undergo a complete hysterectomy, or the removal of the fibroma. The Church forbade all direct abortions. She could have undergone hysterectomy on the principle of double effect which would have caused the death of her unborn child as an unintended consequence. But she wanted to preserve the life of her child and so opted for the removal of fibroma.

She was operated and her fourth child was delivered through Cesarean section. Before giving birth to the child, she had told her doctor that her child’s life was more important than her own. Gianna Beretta Molla continued to have severe pain after delivery and died of septic inflammation of the abdomen a week later in the year 1962 at the age of 39. Her fourth child, a girl, is today a doctor of geriatrics.

Her husband wrote her biography and dedicated it to his children. He believed that his wife’s choice to sacrifice her life was one of conscience as both a loving mother and a doctor.

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Saint Gianna Beretta Molla: The path to sainthood

Her canonization cause was opened in 1972 and the first step was in 1978 when the archbishop of Milan and sixteen other bishops filed a petition to Pope John Paul VI asking for her canonization process to be initiated.

In 1980, Pope John Paul II opened the beatification process and Gianna Beretta Molla was given the title of Servant of God. The document collection and submission to Rome was carried on until 1986.   

Gianna Beretta Molla’s saintliness was confirmed through two medical miracles. The first one was the disappearance of a recto-vaginal fistula in a 27-year old woman after she gave birth to a stillborn baby. A Capuchin religious sister turned to Gianna Beretta Molla asking through her mediation to heal the lady of the complication while she was being prepared for transfer to another medical facility. The pain disappeared completely after this and even the fistula healed.

The second case was that of a Brazilian woman who developed several complications during her pregnancy. The patient was asked to abort her baby. But she listened to the advice of her Bishop and turned in prayer to Gianna Beretta Molla. The baby was delivered safely through Cesarean section and the mother ultimately recovered.

Based on these miracles as evidence, Gianna Beretta Molla was canonized as a saint in 2004 in Saint Peter’s Square, Vatican City. The ceremony was attended by her husband and children. Her canonization holds significance because she was the first mother to become a saint.

Saint Gianna Beretta Molla is the loving patron saint for mothers, wives, families, unborn children, doctors, and physicians. She is also the patron saint of her birthplace Magenta, Lombardy. Her feast day is celebrated on 28th April every year.

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Saint Gianna Beretta Molla is the first woman physician and also a working mom to be canonized by the Roman Catholic Church. She guides us through confusing signals and constant demands placed by our current culture. She felt that everything was a gift from God and that it had to be nurtured and cared for.

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