Adolescence or teenage is an age when fashion and dressing up is at the foremost of every girls’ mind. Everyone wants to be dressed up in their finest to look beautiful and attractive. This is the most difficult time to navigate for teenagers, particularly girls when their minds and body are rapidly accommodating changes.

As a mother of a teenage daughter, I will share some thoughts and my take on modesty. I am nowhere an expert to talk about it and I don’t think anyone can judge or draw a line on the topic. Modesty is not just about the dresses we wear, but it is also about the way we talk, the way we think, the way we walk, and the way we treat others.

Similarly, being modest is not just about wearing the right catholic clothing. It is about wearing everything in the right presentable way. The Bible encourages women to adorn themselves in a manner that pleases and brings reverence to the Lord. So, when your teenage daughter dresses up in a way that you feel is not proper, just tell her to ask herself one question “Will the Lord be pleased if I would dress in this way?”

Dressing up kids is the easiest job to do when they are not particular about any dresses and styles. As a doting mom, I used to select catholic clothing online because you get to shop for a wide range of cool t-shirts, hoodies, and sweatshirts. I particularly liked the super cute kid’s t-shirt that had prints of holy saints on them. And our Sunday family outings used to be fun. I used to order one men’s t-shirt and one women’s t-shirt with the same print that matched our kid’s t-shirt print. This way we enjoyed our outing and we received admiration from families and friends.    

Cut to the present when it is difficult to help my daughter in her adolescence, select her dress. Teenage years are the most difficult to shop because by then your daughter would have outgrown her kid’s t-shirt or dress. Even if you convince your daughter that modesty matters, it’s still hard to figure out what she should wear. And we all know for a fact that modesty differs from culture to culture. And even being within the same city, you may be a part of several different cultures. So, what is good and bad in dressing up for teenagers? Well, here are some guidelines that may help teen girls or mothers of teenage daughters.

Is it appropriate?

Let us get to it straight. You cannot wear the same clothes everywhere. You wear different clothes to the church and to school. You wear one when you go out on a trek and different when you go to work. So, it is about dressing up appropriately for a particular occasion. You wear what is appropriate for the church and similarly, you wear what seems to fit in the work culture. When we mean appropriate, we mean modest too.  

Does it suit you? Are you comfortable?

What’s the use of dressing up inappropriately if you cannot carry it with grace? If your neckline is slipping or your dress hem is coming up, you are not going to be comfortable and not even the person in front of you. Instead, opt for simple catholic clothing that will make you more confident, calm, and at ease to be yourself. If you cannot carry off any cloth, get rid of it. It is not meant to be in your wardrobe.  

What is your intention?

As a teenager, you would want others to praise your dressing style. But seeking attention is different from being praised. If others admire you for your unique dressing sense, it is good. But it is incorrect if you dress up only to seek the attention of others. Instead, let your catholic clothing help them to see you as a beautiful lovable person. You can dress up in a way that elevates your dignity rather than just to seek unwanted glances.

Does extravagant clothing make you look more beautiful?

I have seen teenagers follow the latest fashion trends and shop for extravagant clothes that are too loud or gaudy. Too often I have been confused by what seems to be exorbitant pricing just because there is a huge demand for it. You need not waste much money on dresses. Instead, build your wardrobe economically with humility. Brands aren’t important. Don’t stock hundreds of outfits that you will hardly wear. Instead, buy clothes that are enough to last you through the week and then repeat.

Can your wardrobe be fun and modest at the same time?

It is a myth that dressing up modestly cannot be fun. You have millions of options and styles to choose from. Even the simplest of t-shirts, hoodies, or sweatshirts can be styled in different ways. If you are interested in catholic clothing, you can visit the Catholic Connect online store that stocks everything from toddler t-shirts, kids t-shirts, men’s hoodies, women’s sweatshirts, and many more. These dresses have prints of various saints and other catholic-related designs. Stock up on these beauties and you will get ample ideas to make a style statement.


In Christianity, there are no specific rules to follow when dressing up. You have to figure out your own rules. All that the Bible says is to dress modestly and be in the service of God. Your catholic clothing should help people admire, love, and respect you. It is up to you to ask yourself if you will choose to either dress in extravagant gaudy outfits that attract too much attention or dress modestly inappropriate outfits that celebrate confidence, beauty, and holiness. Real beauty comes from being simple and modest and that is the actual success.