Christianity has evolved greatly in recent times. Gone are the days when women weren’t allowed to wear pants to church. In fact, people now show their love to God in umpteen ways of dressing. Today, the online catholic stores sell T-shirts with Bible verses, chains with cross pendants, and hoodies with printed photos of different Saints. People wear it as a faith in Christianity and an unending love for Him. While it is not possible to wear religious clothing all the time, dresses like the above are an easy and comfortable way to praise and get closer to Him.      

Is it okay to wear a cross or crucifix?

There are two views on wearing a cross or crucifix. A set of people look at the cross as a symbol of death. It was the instrument used to slay Jesus Christ. The cross or the crucifix should not be used as an idol for worship or fashion statement. But people started wearing crosses after the crucifixion was removed as a source of capital punishment.  

Then there is another set of people who allow objects such as crosses, crucifixes, and rosaries as long as there is love for Him in the hearts. They view the cross and the crucifix as a reminder of Jesus Christ’s sacrifice for us. Our advice to you would be to wear it as a proud expression of love, respect, and service, along with a remembrance of what He did for us. You can wear it as a reminder that Jesus has risen from the cross and is alive to help and guide us.

Should a Christian wear religious clothing?

Any scripture doesn’t prescribe a style of dress. In fact, it promotes humility and modesty. As a society, fashion trends keep changing. It is not necessary to stick to religious clothing all the time. The outward style and the dressing sense are always changing, but our primary aim or focus from worshipping God should be the same. The work of faith begins and ends in the hearts. So, your beauty has to be not just outward adorning and dressing; it has to be an all-inclusive outer and inner beauty.      

When is it not okay to wear religious clothing or a cross?

  • Don’t wear it to look Christian 

Dressing up as Christian is definitely a thing- from shirts that have prints of Bible verses and Saints to chains with cross pendants, you can shop for a wide variety of items from your popular online catholic store. But do not dress just to prove that you are a Christian. Instead, love him from the Heart. You miss the point when you wear religious clothing but do not worship or love Him. Don’t wear it just as a trend. Wear it to show your love to God. Inspire others to follow in His footsteps and be good humans. If, at least one friend of yours is inspired by your dress and begins to bend towards Him.                


God wants all humans to be pure. What we appear from the outside doesn’t matter as long as we are pure from our hearts. Our outer clothes should not distract us from bending towards Him. But if wearing religious clothing such as t-shirts with Bible verses or sporting a chain with a cross pendant makes you focused on worshipping Him, then there is no harm in it. What is necessary is bringing Him glory. Different people have different perceptions of being closer to God. If you are interested in being closer to God, you can try a range of t-shirts, hoodies, and sweatshirts from our online catholic store at CatholicConnect. If wearing religious clothing makes you feel closer to God, then do it!

Praise the Lord!